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Data restructuring – Avoid the migration migraine

The story Once in a while you’re confronted with the way your house is laid out. I had this a while back with the garage. Stuff was lying around, my storage cabinets were no longer sufficient and with growing kids more “bigger” stuff flooded the garage. So what did I…

From Storage Locker Syndrome to Storage War

The Story:  This spring I cleaned up my attic which was the trigger of our business Idea, While I moved in my current house 10 years ago I started storing and collection various items in my house. Where it first only existed of stuff and items I brought with me…

Is Data the next waste problem?

How to deal with all that data. Again I saw an analogy of a day to day problem into a possible business challenge.   Waste Products, when I grew up we only had one garbage container, all trash can be put in one box and the collection services take care…

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